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Over 30 Years Experience


Our skilled legal team is led by Attorney Correen Ferrentino, a Certified
Criminal Law Expert, who has tried more than 50 cases in both state and
federal courts. In addition, Attorneys Julie Goerlinger and Ashley Daniel are of Counsel at our firm.

Mr. Daniel brings tremendous experience and success to the firm. From arrest to appeal, we have the experience and tenacity it takes to get results for our clients.

Our Practice


Post Conviction

Appeals / Habeas Corpus

White Collar Crimes

Fraud Crimes, Mail or Wire Fraud

Federal Drug Crimes

Felony possession, Intent to Distribute


Immigration Releif

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Counsel for Business

Insurance or Business Fraud

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Honest, Expert Lawyers

Our record of success in over 25 years of legal defense is proof of our expertise

Modern Legal Care

Our attonerys are experienced in the most recent case law and relevant appeal processes

 Hundreds of Cases Dismissed Outright

With hundreds of cases tried and dismissed outright, our team knows how to get you the best results possible






Cori Ferrentino

Cori Ferrentino

Founding Attorney

Ashley Daniel

Ashley Daniel


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