Arrested for a Drug Offense in Southern California?

A drug crime conviction can have a lasting impact on your life and the life of your entire family. You cannot afford to go without trusted counsel and guidance during this challenging time. The Orange County drug crime attorneys at Ferrentino & Associates have been representing those accused of drug offenses for over 30 combined years.

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What Are Some Common Types of Drug Crimes?

There are many types of drug charges.

Some of the most common types of drug crimes include:

  • Drug possession for personal use
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug trafficking or transporting drugs for sale
  • Conspiracy to distribute drugs including RICO prosecutions
  • Gang-related drug offenses

These crimes can come with a “conspiracy to commit” charge which means that steps were taken to possess, sell or manufacture drugs in an illegal manner. Remember, anyone who has been arrested for any of these crimes still has legal rights. You have the right to remain silent and you have the right to an attorney. You may have been subject to an illegal search or seizure. Reach out to our dedicated legal team right away if you have been arrested: .

What Are the Penalties for a Drug Crime Conviction?

The penalties for a drug crime conviction range significantly depending on facts, circumstances and whether your case is filed in state or federal court. For example, possessing a small amount of marijuana will likely lead to a significantly smaller penalty than shipping pounds of cocaine across state lines which can lead to years in federal prison. With our extensive experience in state and federal court, we can quickly asses which jurisdiction is investigating your case and make contact with the right law enforcement and prosecution team to provide you the best advice and a defense for your peace of mind.

Criminal drug convictions can lead to community service, monetary penalties, and/or jail and prison time. A court may also order mandatory drug counseling. We can assess your case and help you understand what the best possible outcome will likely be. We will also direct you to programs that can help you and your case, even before you go to court.

Why Should I Choose Ferrentino & Associates?

At Ferrentino & Associates, we offer a initial consultation to give clients an understanding of their rights and options under California law. We have successfully challenged numerous illegal search and seizures and the criminal charges were thrown out of court. We have been serving clients across the Southern California region for over 30 collective years and have the experience required to protect your rights.

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