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Most people are familiar with DUIs involving alcohol consumption, however many do not know that they can also be arrested and charged for a DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) even with drugs that have been prescribed by their doctor.  Clearly this sort of case can be complicated, since it involves the medical instructions from doctors and pharmacists and a ‘grey’ area of use when compared to the more objective BAC (blood alcohol content) measure during DUIs involving alcohol.  At Ferrentino & Associates, we have decades of experience building solid defense for our clients in both DUIs and DUIDs cases.

We recently secured a dismissal in a DUID case (driving under the influence of drugs) in the Harbor Justice Center. 
Our client suffered a prior traumatic brain injury and was taking prescribed medication. We demonstrated the significance of her physical condition despite the prescription medication and obtained expert opinions from a neurologist and a toxicologist, resulting in a dismissal on the day of trial. If you are facing DUID charges, call or message us today to start building your defense.
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